Shooting a 52 Year Old Camera

Last week I picked up and old Yashica Minister III on an online auction site which was delivered a couple of days ago.  When the camera arrived I was a bit bummed because the leaf shutter inside the camera appeared to be not working but after firing off the shutter about 20 times in a row… Continue reading

Accidental Expiration

Two days ago I ended up processing a couple of rolls of Ilford HP5 Plus…  A friend of mine had a roll he was wanting developed and I had just finished off a test roll in my Pentax ME Super. I processed the rolls just as I had done before and everything seemed to be… Continue reading

All is Not Right in Film Land

Late last week I developed my very first roll of black & white film in my kitchen and when I pulled the developed film out of the Paterson tank I was excited to see images on the reel. For the past few weeks I have built my development kit and this was finally the moment of… Continue reading